LOVE DAYTON is here!



Volunteer Orientation and Training

Volunteers check-in to receive their Love Dayton shirts and orientation packets upon arrival. Each Volunteer will then meet with their group assignment for specific instructions. In the afternoon all volunteer teams will meet for a time of training and equipping.


Day: City Outreach

Today teams will take to the streets to distribute goods, crusade promotional information, and participate in street evangelism.


Day: City Outreach | Night: Service - Dayton Convention Center

Teams continue their street ministry and distributes throughout Dayton. In the evening we kick off the first of two crusades inside the Dayton Convention Center. In addition to praying with altar call respondents the ministry teams will be assembled for pre and post crusade ministry. 


Day: City Outreach | Night: Service - Dayton Convention Center

All unfinished distributions or areas of the city not reached will be completed. The outreaches transition to special programs and activities in the community. Late afternoon and into the evening we'll be hosting a free community block party with food and games. In the evening the final crusade takes place.

April 15
June 11