Family: A time to advance
Kay tuttle

We will be studying and activating the prayers from the book, Come up Higher by Paul L. Cox, Paul’s book explores the biblical, theological, and historical settings of forty-two prayers that God has used to impact lives. You will discover more of the freedom God can bring through prayers. We use scripture in all our studies with prayer. We also reference Living Word sermons.

Wednesdays 7pm
5 year old room
P: 937 890 0811

Family: becoming one
benjamin & Ashley Smith

Becoming One is a group of non-traditional families. We discuss how to navigate the unique challenges faced by step-families and learn how putting God at the center of our lives makes all the difference.  Children are welcome.

Every other Sunday 6pm
P: 859 912 4180

family: Bethel township
eric & marla brock

This Life Group is designed specifically for Living Word families who live in Bethel Township. We spend time digging deeper into the weekend's messages through the study of God's Word, worship, prayer, and fellowship. Children are welcome. 

2nd & 4th Sunday 6pm
5589 Rudy Road, Tipp City
P: 937 604 1896

family: family support
rebecca huntsberger

This group is designed to help strengthen families of special needs children by showing God's love and providing them with family outings and quarterly meetings. We will have guest speakers that will share various information on disorders. The group will determine the outings.

Sept 14 12pm, Nov 9 5pm
FLC Multipurpose Room
P: 937 877 9481

Family: Campers for jesus
richard & marian montgomery

This is an RVer's Life Group who enjoys sharing the good news about God's love. We will learn about the beautiful campgrounds and provide our knowledge of RV camping. Campers will have an opportunity to go camping during the camping season. We will meet at TJ Chumps, 7050 Executive Blvd, until April of 2019. Bring your camping chairs to sit around the campfire. Richard and Marian Montgomery will be the wagon masters.

1st Monday of the month
TJ Chumps in Huber Heights
P: 937 674 5354, 937 674 5118

family: double blessing
pat steinbrunner & lee vukovic

This is a group that loves to have fun and fellowship with the Word of God. We are learning the importance of working and living in the victory that Jesus has already paid the price for. We learn to lean into His presence and grow more like Him. Everyone is welcome. 

3rd Sunday 2pm
35 Clinton St, Clayton
P: 937 832 0340, 937 542 1444

Family: Freedom in schooling at home (FISH)
mark & theresa leavitt

This group is designed for supporting Living Word families who are currently home educating their children, and those who are thinking about it and wanting more information. We will share lunch, fellowship, mission projects, and peer time together. Also, there will be a time, especially for dads to connect with other dads.

1st & 3rd Tuesday 11:30am
4th Tuesday 6pm
1122 Edgebrook Dr, New Carlisle
P: 937 845 3309

family: faith in action
stephanie neuroth

Desire to experience a deeper relationship with God?  Ready to live victorious in ALL areas of life?  Join us as we grow and learn together how to live wholehearted, producing freedom, and abundant life!! We will also combine our studies with group outreaches. Childcare will be provided for a fee. Group start date August 28, 2019. 

Wednesday 7pm
Conference Room
P: 937 985 6480

Family: Keys to the kingdom
connie holbrook

God has given us The Keys! Our group's desire is to learn how to use them. Join us as we learn how by being filled with His Presence, knowing His Word, and walking in the authority and power our Father has given us. We can change the world around us. We look forward to you joining us! We meet at my home. 

Every other Saturday 9am
6210 Shull Rd, Huber Heights
P: 937 479 3467

family: healing school
rick bryant

Attend the Word… For they are life to those who find them and healing to all their flesh (Proverbs 4:20-22). And great multitudes came together to hear and be healed by Him of their infirmities (Luke 5:15). Healing is God’s will for you. Come and discover how God wants you healed and healthy. 

Every other Sunday, 7:45am
LWC Conference Room
P: 937 830 2901

family: hispanic life group
sara panzardi,
eugene & neyra Griffin

We meet to study the Bible in the homes of two of our Hispanic families alternating locations on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. As we study God's Word, we challenge everyone to grow deeper in his or her relationship with Christ, pray for one another and evangelize those who are curious. The study is taught in Spanish for adults while the children have their own time of Bible study, crafts, and games in English. Each meeting is followed by an authentic Mexican meal - yum! Contact us for meeting locations and times.

2nd & 4th Sunday 4:30pm
Call for location
P: 937 609 3871, 937 271 8874

family: biblical voice
karleen lewis

Come journey with us while we study biblical history from the Hebraic perspective. Our goal is to bring clarity to biblical history, understand the biblical characters, and understand how to apply these insights to our destiny. We will be studying Genesis, what is the gap theory, and where is Eden. This group will start on October 2, 2019

Wednesday 10am
5 year old room
P: 937 776 5600

family: knitting hearts
ann weaver

We are a group that enjoys learning how to crochet, knit, and sew – making hats, blankets, tie quilts, and many other projects for many groups and people who have needs. Some of the groups we have helped are Right to Life, My Brother's Keeper, Franklin House (abuse Shelter in Troy), Buckeye House (Men's shelter in Troy), UVMC North, people going on mission trips and many other groups. If Troy City School is closed due to bad weather, we will not meet.

2nd & 4th Sunday 11am
LWC Conference Room
Tuesday 5:15pm
Troy Library, 419 W Main St
P: 937 667 6344, 937 776 7095

marriage: creative marriage
timothy & wanda lowe

This Life Group is for married couples to learn how to do marriage God's way. We will have fellowship and use a variety of Bible study materials. Childcare is not provided. We do not meet on holiday Sundays nor leadership Sundays. The study this cycle will be The Art of Marriage” by Family Life

Sundays 6pm
5717 Seven Gables Ave, Trotwood
P: 937 572 2312, 937 329 8973

family: wednesday evening
Bible study
pat steinbrunner

Learning to be good stewards of the authority that God has given to us. To change the world. We use books, DVD’s, and always focus on growing stronger in the Lord to answer His call on our life. Join us around the love and fellowship of the Lord.

Wednesday 6pm
35 Clinton St, Clayton
P: 937 832 0340

family: hands of praiz
dionne jilani

Hands of Praiz is a group designed to teach you basic sign language without the pressure of college and testing.  This group is designed to teach very basic communication and vocabulary, so you will be able to communicate with those that are deaf and hard of hearing. Material cost is $30.00. 

Wednesday 6pm
Jacqueline Room
P: 937 626 6993

family: truth seekers
victoria green

This group is studying "Lessons from David" by Andrew Wommack. Probably one of the most well-known characters in the Bible, David grew up a shepherd boy, defeated the giant Goliath, and then went on to be King of Israel. While king, David made some serious mistakes. However, he didn't try to place the blame on other people. He took responsibility, shouldered the blame himself, repented, and was described by God as a "man after His own heart." In this study, we will learn that God has a great plan and purpose for all of us!

2nd & 4th Tuesday 7pm
3630 Wood Reed Dr, Tipp City
P: 937 361 0918

family: healing families foster & adoption support
Time & denise trimbach

This group will focus on learning and implementing Dr. Karyn Purvis’ Trust-based relational Intervention (TBRI) model. “TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI uses Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles for attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors. While the intervention is based on years of attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience research, the heartbeat of TBRI is a connection.” (The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development website) We desire to build a community of trauma-informed families who can support and encourage each other in the process of helping our children find freedom and healing

2nd Thursday of the month
Jacqueline Room
P: 937 416 4356

family: welcome home
fred & jeanene garber

An informal, safe environment for adults, or families with kids to ponder and apply the powerful message and challenges from services at Living Word. We strive for a welcoming family atmosphere where you can be your honest self and be surrounded by affirming believers growing together. This group meets on scheduled Sunday in the late afternoon.

Sunday 4pm
5011 Crawford Rd, Brookville
P: 937 620 8789

marriage: young families bible study
charles & rene Penzien

We are an ongoing group who shares a passion for our Lord, our spouses, and our children. The group's topics are different every quarter, but are always centered on learning/applying the Bible and always relevant to the lives of couples with growing families. Come hang out with us! Childcare is provided for a fee.

Wednesday 7pm
Jacqueline Room
P: 937 307 3494, 937 554 6481

family: we are the healed of god
lynett munson

Bodie Thoene & Brock Thoene, the authors of "First Light," have written the novels on which this group is created. We will laugh together, cry together, and be healed together just like He did in that time.

1st & 3rd Tuesday 6:30pm
1226 Catalpa Dr, Dayton
P: 937 732 0582

marriage: young marrieds
Roger & Kathi Ely
dr. andrea & Charlotte Harris

Young Marrieds is a group of married couples that have been married less than 15 years. We discuss issues that affect married couples today and learn how placing God at the center of our marriages makes all the difference. We are about being real, refreshing, and authentic. We laugh and learn with each session you will have a fresh perspective on Christian marriage and all that it entails. Child Care is available.

2nd & 4th Sunday 11am
FLC Multipurpose Room
P: 937 776 9549

family: overcomers
isabel brumley

Have you ever looked around and noticed that the Bible says one thing but peoples live are reflecting something different? Jesus Christ went to the cross so that Christians could live in victory, and yes, His Word is true. Come and find out where are the areas in our lives where we may find a disconnect. We will be studying “The Armor of God” By Priscilla Shirer. There is a fee of 13.00 per book.

Tuesday 6:30pm
335 Omalee Drive, Xenia
P: 301 300 1026

family: switch on your brain
angela tipton

Switch on Your Brain is a brain detox plan that will put you on the road to recovery from negative thinking. The plan demonstrates how science agrees with the principle of Romans 12:2, which instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Application of the principle facilitates our submission into discipleship of Jesus Christ. Learn to aptly use the keys of the Kingdom of God, and agilely wield the sword of the Spirit. Learn to live a happy, healthy, and holy life through the Word of God.

Saturday 10am
Vandalia Library
P: 832 524 0203