So you’ve been coming to Living Word Church for a while and you’re kinda wondering “what’s next?” We want to invite you to join our team, called Life Track. It’s for anyone who wants to learn about the vision and values of our church so you can get connected with new friends, and even start volunteering on a team to make a difference right here, at Living Word. Childcare is provided, but we do ask that you register online so that we know you're coming. 



Connect is the first step of Life Track. It is to give you an understanding of Living Word's origin, leadership, structure and vision.


Next is Grow. Grow consists of foundational teaching from LWC leadership to strengthen your walk with The Lord. You will also receive the ministry gifts assessment and personality test that you will need to complete for the week 3 Grow Class.  Access additional Grow lessons and manual by clicking on the boxes below.


Next is Discover. In Discover you will find your strengths, gifting, and how they relate to your personal ministry. You will receive teaching that explains what it means to partner in ministry with the Living Word Church. We will also review the results of the ministry gifts assessment and personality test you will complete in week 2.   


Serve is the final step in Life Track. This is where you get activated in the Living Word family. You will be meeting the ministry lead for the department you will be getting involved in. This will also be a celebration recognizing your completion.