This Life Group is designed specifically for Living Word families who live in Bethel Township. We spend time digging deeper into the weekend’s messages through the study of God’s word, worship, prayer and fellowship. Children are welcome.

2nd & 4th Sunday 6pm
5589 Rudy Rd, Tipp City
P: 937 604 1896
E: [email protected]


This will be a time to celebrate a fulfilled single life. This life is for women and men between the ages of 30 to 49. Our goal is to live a fun filled life while building our relationship with Christ as well as enjoying our single life. We will partake in community outreach, learning and growing in Christ as well as fun filled activities. No Childcare.

2nd & 4th Friday 6:30pm
7212 River Birch St, Tipp City
P: 937 361 1712
E: [email protected]

double blessing
pat steinbrunner & lee vukovic

This is a group that loves to have fun and fellowship around the word of God. We are learning the importance of working and living in the victory that Jesus has already paid the price for. We learn to lean into His presence and grow more like Him. Everyone is welcome.  

3rd Sunday 2pm
35 Clinton St, Clayton
P: 937 832 0340, 937 542 1444

everyman bible study
dennis malin & alan ponce

Want to give your walk with the Lord a little tune-up, so it's running nice and hot? Join us as we study a combination of Pastor Pat's sermons and a book study. You will see a difference in your life right away just by making this a part of your everyday lives.

1st & 3rd Monday 7pm
1500 Carolina Dr, Vandalia
P: 937 266 2689, 937 609 1272
E: [email protected], [email protected]

darrell ruff

This group is for men to come together to encourage, challenge, and sharpen one another to live the life they were created for. Learn to defeat the demons that make strong men weak. We aim to arm you with faith, prayer and the Word of God. 

Every other Tuesday 7pm
3212 Santa Clara Ave, Dayton
P: 937 270 8802
E: [email protected]

freedom in schooling at home
(F.I.S.H.) Mark & Theresa Leavitt

This group is designed for supporting Living Word families who are currently home educating their children, and those who are thinking about it and wanting more information. We will share lunch, fellowship, mission projects and peer time together. Also, there will be a time especially for dads to connect with other dads.  

1st & 3rd Tuesday 11:30am, 4th Tuesday 6pm
1122 Edgebrook Dr, New Carlisle
P: 937 845 3309
E: [email protected]

friday lights
James & Cynthia fox

Let’s Shine for Jesus! Join us as we study Pastor’s notes. Everyone is welcome. No book required. No Childcare.   

Fridays 7pm
4545 W Kessler, Cowlesville, West Milton
P: 937 524 6185
E: [email protected]

friday Lunch Bunch
rick sofia

This group of guys meets every Friday for lunch at different restaurants throughout Dayton area. This is a very good time to tryout new restaurants and have a few laughs with the fellows. For more information connect the leader. 

Throughout the Dayton area
P: 937 271 5308
E: [email protected]

game night
brian & jenn richardson

A welcoming place for adults to build friendships, relationships, and community through games and conversation. No childcare. 

1st & 3rd Wednesday 6:30pm
103 Lynnfield Circle, Union
P: 520 603 7716
E: [email protected]

Girlfriends united
kim reffitt

This will be a time of fun and fellowship as we come together to learn from the word of God. This group will give each participant an opportunity to make lifelong friendships, as well as serve others. Book Cost $11.00 on 

Mondays 6:30pm
Englewood Starbucks
P: 937 272 9418
E: [email protected]

joy of oils
kathy mettler & loreene Thomas

There are over 300 references to essential oils in the Bible; there are some that are even referred to as “Biblical oils.” This group is for those interested in essential oils; how to use them; how to blend them; sharing ideas and information as we come together. The group is for all those interested from “newbies” to those with more experience. We intend that we will learn and grow together in the use of the oils that God gave us.

1st Saturday @ 10am
6357 Union Rd, Clayton
P: 937 854 5251 & 937 681 5410
E: [email protected] & kitchyt[email protected]

knitting hearts
ann weaver

e are a group that enjoys learning how to crochet, knit, and sew – making hats, blankets, tie quilts and many other projects for many groups and people who have needs. Some of the groups we have helped are: Right to Life, My Brother’s Keeper, Franklin House (abuse Shelter in Troy), Buckeye House (Men’s shelter in Troy), UVMC North, people going on mission trips and many other groups. If the Troy City School are closed due to bad weather, we will not meet. 

Tuesdays 5:15pm
Troy Library, 419 W Main St, Troy
P: 937 667 6344, 937 776 7095

ladies praying up north
pam morrow

Praying with God can be an exciting adventure as we partner with Him to change our world. We will study how to seek God’s face for our own lives, our loved ones, our church, our community and our nation. We will study how to wait on God, hear His voice and to learn how He speaks to us. We will spend time in praise and worship to usher in His presence. We will pray in the spirit and with understanding. We will concentrate on the goodness of God and knowing Him as Father. 

Wednesdays 10am
4510 W Farrington Rd, Covington
P: 937 239 0598
E: [email protected]

Let's Come together
dennis & eppie riley

If you are new to Living Word or have been here for a while and have found it hard to connect, we invite you to come and connect with our group. This group is to help create relationships and support those who need a place to belong.

Every other Saturday @ 6pm
4238 Glenayre Dr, Englewood
P: 937 520 9373, 937 520 2134
E: [email protected], [email protected]

number 8
cecily bursey

We will be going through John Gray’s book “Number 8”. If God can take David, the invisible 8th son of a forgotten family and turn him into a king, just imagine what magnificent plans he has for redeeming our lives. Please join us and receive God's invitation to greatness.  Looking for those who are 30 to 50 years young. There will be a cost for the book.

Friday 6:30pm
6000 Cheri Lynne Dr, Clayton
P: 937 414 1139
E: [email protected]

Treats & Truth
shareen pratt

This group enjoys cooking and baking sweet treats – cake ball, turtles, peppermints, fudge, truffles, etc. While growing in relationship with God, building meaningful friendships with other, and answering the questions “who am I, really?” and “what changed when I become born again?” As we study Andrew Wommack’s “Spirit, Soul, and Body.” You will learn that you are a spirit being who has a soul and lives in a body. The real you is actually your spirit. If you enjoy trying new recipes and studying God’s word, this group is for you. Bring a bible with you.

2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7pm
3630 Wood Reed Dr, Tipp City
P: 859 322 1685
E: [email protected]

Wednesday evening bible study
pat steinbrunner

Learning to be good stewards with the authority that God has given to us. To change the world. We use books, DVD’s, and always focus on growing stronger in the Lord to answer His call on our life. Come join us around the love and fellowship of the Lord.

Wednesdays 12:30pm
35 Clinton St, Clayton
P: 937 832 0340

women empowering women
deb ruff

This group is designed to encourage women to build relationships, knowledge and accountability. We will have weekly breakfast or brunch with times of prayer, teaching and video instruction.

Call leader for details
212 Santa Clara Ave, Dayton
P: 937 307 9104

women MENTORING women
renee harvey

This group is designed to teach women basic sewing techniques. We will sing, laugh, and pray while making scarves, blouses, and tote bags which can be used to bless others. There is no fee for the class on the first Saturday of the month. There will be a fee for other classes. This group meets in Hobby Lobby in Huber Heights.

1st Saturday @ 1pm
286 Old Troy Pike, huber Heights
P: 937 430 4925
E: [email protected]



An informal, safe environment for adults, married, or families with kids to ponder and apply the powerful message and challenges from services at Living Word. We strive for a welcoming family atmosphere where you can be your honest self and be surrounded by affirming believers growing together.

Sunday at 4pm
5011 Crawford Rd, Brookville
P: 937 620 8789
E: [email protected]

courageous- Cancer care
melissa warner

Be Strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid or dismayed. For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 Hearing the words you have leukemia or cancer can be devastating to an entire family. It can be a lonely journey to the one experiencing it, tiring for the caretaker, frightening for the ones watching their heroes fight. I have worn every shoe along this journey. The journey can be hard and challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. Let's seek God together, as He heals hearts and binds up brokenness, and as we become powerful and courageous in This journey.

3rd Sunday @ 4pm
Sycamore Christian Center, 6927 N Main St
P: 937 422 7065
E: [email protected]

our everyday life (married couples)
scott & Jennifer martin

Are you in a relationship? Engaged? Recently  married or married for a long time? Did you blend your family? Is your marriage in trouble or is your marriage thriving? Then our group is for you! Please join us in our home to dig deeper into God's word using Pastor Pat's sermon notes and a variety of other Biblical resources. We plan on building relationships through time with each other and praying for each couple's needs. Child care is not provided. Please contact us if you would like to bring your children. We meet every three weeks. September 15th, October 6th and 27th, and November 17th. December Christmas gathering date TBD. 

537 Goldleaf Ave, Vandalia
P: 937 231 5468
E: [email protected]

celebrate recovery
mike crain

Using the official Celebrate Recovery materials, join us to discover hope and God’s power to help us with our hurts, hang-ups, and habits. We cover a wide variety of topics including smoking, substance abuse, anger, selfishness, people-pleasing, stress and much more. Childcare for participants.

Every Monday including holidays @ 6pm
Meal, Worship & Discussion groups
Call leader for location
P: 937 829 1638
E: [email protected]

your place south of town
greg & daniela snowden

We will be reading the purpose driven life by Rick Warren and have open discussions about it. Our purpose is to grow together in Christ, have fellowship and fun. Open to everybody.

1st & 3rd Friday @ 7pm
4648 Ridgebury Dr, Kettering
P: 937 901 4267, 937 371 3219
E: [email protected], [email protected]

hispanic life group
sara panzardi, eugene & neyra griffin

We meet to study the Bible in the homes of two of our Hispanic families alternating locations on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. As we study God's word, we challenge everyone to grow deeper in his or her relationship with Christ, pray for one another and evangelize those who are curious. The study is taught in Spanish for adults while the children have their own time of Bible study, crafts, and games in English. Each meeting is followed by an authentic Mexican meal - yum! Contact us for meeting locations and times.

2nd & 4th Sunday 4:30pm
Call Leader for location
P: 937 609 3871, 937 271 8874
E: [email protected]

heavenly hues bible & art
doug lyle & pam lyle

Bible study and art by artist Doug Lyle. Different art project every week. We will provide all supplies. Children welcome. Call leader for location

Thursday @ 6:30pm
P: 937 269 6010, 918 932 5716
E: [email protected], [email protected]

we are the healed of god
lynett munson

Bodie Thoene & Brock Thoene, the authors of “Jerusalem Scrolls," have written the novel on which this group is created. This group will share historical facts about the love of God through Jesus Christ. We will learn about the culture of Israel as well as those who encountered Jesus when He walked the earth. We will laugh together, cry together and be healed together just like He did in that time.

Call leader for day and time
1226 Catalpa Dr, Dayton
P: 937 732 0582
E: [email protected]

creative marriage group
timothy & wanda lowe

This Life Group is for married couples to learn how to do marriage God’s way. We will have fellowship and use a variety of Bible study materials. Childcare is not provided. We do not meet on holiday Sundays nor leadership Sundays.

Sunday at 6pm
5717 Seven Gables Ave, Trotwood
P: 937 572 2312, 937 329 8973
E: [email protected]

your place south of town
greg & daniela snowden

We will be reading the purpose driven life by Rick Warren and have open discussions about it. Our purpose is to grow together in Christ, have fellowship and fun. Open to everybody.

1st & 3rd Friday @ 7pm
4648 Ridgebury Drive, Kettering
P: 937 901 4267, 937 371 3219
E: [email protected] & [email protected]


writing with purpose
melissa richardson

Do you have a passion for write? Well, what's stopping you? Is it that you don't know where to begin? Or are you a little afraid and just need a push in the right direction? Whatever the reason come and unleash that passion on the inside of you and make your dreams come alive. Whether its books, poetry or music put your pen to paper and start "writing with purpose" today! First two group meet on October 6, 2018, & November 3, 2018, We meet in the conference room 1B, 1st Floor in the Main Library 

1st Saturday @ 11am
215 E Third St, Dayton
P: 937 325 1963
E: meli[email protected]

campers for jesus
Richard & marian montgomery

This is an RVer's Life Group who enjoys sharing the good news about God's love. We will learn about the beautiful campgrounds and provide our knowledge of RV camping. Campers will have an opportunity to go camping during the camping season. We will meet at TJ Chumps in Huber Heights, Ohio 7050 Executive BLVD., Huber Heights Ohio, 1st Monday of the month, from November- April of 2019, bring your camping chairs to sit around the campfire. Richard and Marian Montgomery will be the wagon masters.

1st Monday of the month
TJ Chumps, Huber Heights
P: 937 674 5354, 937 674 5118
E: [email protected][email protected]

designing women of grace
wanda lowe

This Life Group studies women of the bible and learning through crafting how to extend our budgets. We will be studying “ The Mind Connection” by Joyce Meyer We do not meet on holidays.

Tuesday @ 9am
5717 Seven Gables Ave, Trotwood
P: 937 329 8973
E: [email protected]

monday nights guys group
rick sofia

This group meets during football season for food, fun, fellowship and of course football. We will be visiting locate sports restaurants throughout the Dayton area. For more information call the leader.

P 937 271 5308
E: [email protected]